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About us

Right view group is a company diversified in to different divisions as general trading, electro mechanical, aluminum and various games as e ride rental, 9xd and 7xd movie. The group has established in the field of entertainment and leisure. I view Cinemas' vision is to be one of the dubai leading providers of entertainment using its portfolio of Brands differentiating in content, services & Experience.

The right view group has introduced ‘Swift Shieldz’ in the mobile accessories industry. Swift Shieldz is an ultra-thin and clear protection for any gadgets you have .we manufacture good quality cell phone accessories. Scratch Protection uses frontline films and smooth design to invisibly protect your entire phone, iPod, smart watches etc ,

The right view group is in to different trading such as,

Gadget' Full Body Protection

Clear Protection

With our new type of protection each one will be able to protect their mobiles from falling off, getting damaged and getting wet. Most of the people prefer using mobile phones without different cases. Our full body protection is the solution for the above complication. Its invisible coating gives your mobile protection from scratches, smudges, etc. It covers the entire part of the mobile and hence we can say that it’s a safeguard to your smart phone.


Total Body Protection

It gives 360 degree protection to your device from scratches, etc

Accuracy Engineered

Perfectly engineered to fit your devices.

Ultra clear and Ultra – Thin

It’s a good feature that no one will be able to see that your mobile is being covered and protected.

Tough and Durable

The material provided is very thin and tough which conserve the device from day to day scratches and damages.

Matt Finish

These skins provides a standard look to your smart phones. It provides a refined satin finish to the screen that many users enjoy. With the standard finish it also protects the screen from scratches, oil and other damage. Matt skins also curtail the appearance of smudges and fingerprints, and they won’t contribute the glare from the sun or other sources of light.


Enhances the look and feel

These skins provides an amazing look and satin smooth feel to your device. It gives a new bold look to your smartphone.

Scratch Proof

It provides a high class finish to your gadget by removing the fingerprints and smudges which will appear on the screen while using the gadget.

Anti – Glare

The skin prevents the screen from reflecting the light, when you are in a bright day light and by that you can easily use your smart phone very easily.


The material we use for shatterproof is a sandwiched three layer coating which ensure not only scratch protection but also the break protection to the device. R&D Team of Rightview developed the sandwiched three layer coating and the advanced technology applied in developing the product added one more advantage to the product. We developed the coating to be a shock proof also.

Privacy Shatterproof

Privacy shatterproof is same as shatterproof. The difference is that it also helps to protect confidential information on your mobile screen however you view it – vertically or horizontally. Innovative 4-way privacy technology prevents visual hackers around you from seeing what’s on your screen. Plus added glare reduction and protection from scratches.